Thursday, January 28, 2010


The list didn't space like I typed it. I think you can probably figure it out.
Burridge-Johnson 2010 Christmas Gift Exchange

Giver: Receiver:
Ron Julie
Joanne Randy
Judy Laura
Harry Kevin
John Joanne
Mark Harry
Julie Sameer
Randy Ron
Kevin Judy
Laura John
Sameer Mark

Thursday, January 14, 2010

The List Grows

Thursday, January 14

Well the want list grows longer (See post 2 for the beginning)

  • A cue cat
  • Software

I will tell you more details about the software when I get home.


Tuesday, January 12, 2010

After the first hour

We've had a break and now we have to make a new post.

Joanne and I microfilmed a court order we found for the McCully family in which Margaret was appointed the guardian for 2 minor children.

SLIG 2010 Location

The 2010 Salt Lake Institute of Genealogy is held at the Radisson Hotel

The List of Gadgets

The List

  • 10" computer for traveling
  • 2 additional mouses (mice?)
  • Small Targus bag to carry computer
  • More stuff when I learn about it

The First Post

Most of the family won't believe this, but Grandma Judy has created a blog.

I'm at the Salt Lake Institute in the lab session for my class on computing. We are learning lots here and Mrs. Techno-lust has a long list of gadgets she wants for Valentine's Day, Mother's Day, Birthday and Christmas.